Brown Trout Fishing in Milwaukee, WI

Lake Michigan Brown Trout Fishing in Milwaukee, WI

“Most people can only handle catching a couple.” – Capt. Craig

Embark on an exciting trout fishing expedition in the picturesque waters of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Captain Craig will guide you to the prime fishing spots where Brown Trout thrive. While we prioritize the species available during your adventure, rest assured that you'll have the best chance to reel in magnificent trophy Brown Trout. Get ready for an unforgettable experience as you engage in an exhilarating battle with these elusive and prized fish.

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Milwaukee's Lake Michigan is renowned for its abundant population of Brown Trout. These magnificent fish, known for their remarkable size and cunning nature, will test your angling skills to the fullest. With our experienced guidance and top-notch equipment, you'll have the best opportunity to hook into these majestic Brown Trout.

Milwaukee Brown Trout Fishing Charter Rates

6 Hour Brown Trout Fishing
  • $775 for 1 - 6 passengers
  • The best chance at catching a keeper trout
5 Hour Brown Trout Fishing
  • $675 for 1 - 6 passengers
2 Hour Harbor/River Cruise
  • $300 for 1 - 6 passengers

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Lake Michigan Brown Trout Fishing Regulations

Understanding and adhering to fishing regulations is crucial for the conservation of the Brown Trout fishery. Here are the important regulations you should be aware of:

Trout & Salmon (aggregate)

  • Min Size Limit: 10” TL
  • Bag Limit: 5 per person within the aggregate
  • Harvest Season: Open all year

By respecting fishing regulations, we contribute to the preservation and sustainability of the Brown Trout population in Lake Michigan. Crabby Charters is committed to responsible fishing practices and fully complies with all fishing regulations.

Remember to bring a valid fishing license and any required stamps or permits as mandated by local regulations. Additionally, pack sunscreen, appropriate clothing for changing weather conditions, and any food and drinks you'd like to have during the trip. Join us for an unforgettable Brown Trout fishing charter on Lake Michigan.

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We hope clients will respect the years of work we spent locating the best fishing spots in the area. Please refrain from using GPS mapping during our trips, but feel free to take as many photos as you please! 

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